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Hi I have used thumbgen for a long while my machine went from windows 7 to 8 then 8.1 then to windows 10 and al was well. My machine crashed and i put on fresh windows 10 pro 64bit and now if I go ...

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Existing Items?

Hi, I somehow managed to get the thumb preview and moviesheet editor lumped together in a single window called Existing Items.. They are unusable like this and I can't figure out how to separate t...

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Crashing thumbgen

I've got a interesting issues. If I try to create a cover sheet for a few movies using as the default collector it crashes instantly.

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I just noticed there was no more info loaded from anymore Searching their website I came across this message about the API not functioning anymore after may 1st 2015 "De XML-RPC AP...

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Some Info Missing From TV Shows

I am finding the same information is currently missing from each and every movie sheet for a TV show episode I have recently processed. I am missing the Genre, the Cast, the Company and the rating....

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thumbgen is not collecting any data from

Not collecting any data from anymore. No covers, no movie details/description, nothing.

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Country tags not exported to .nfo file

Hi, In version, country tags are not exported to .nfo file. I can reproduce the issue with any film e.g. Empire of the Sun and any collector able to feed "Countries". Note that I saw it...

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Thumbgen no longer starting up Unexpected exception

Thumbgen will no longer startup up, Unexpected exception screen pops up at startup. Dont think this is a thumbgen issue but more likely that Microsoft have updated there .net application and both T...

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problem with

i'm running version and i dont get any result from collector for any movie. in old version everything works fine. why the progrma doesn't work with or ? ...

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No title in TV xml generated in automatic mode

Hi, when generating TV episode xml files for WD TV Life there is a problem with automatic/lucky mode. In manual mode the title is correct In automatic mode the title is > 00 - < This was poste...

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