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ThumbGen Templates Documentation

A detailed list of all supported tokens that can be used with ThumbGen's templates can be found HERE

A list with tutorials related to ThumbGen and its usage:

ThumbGen - Tips, tricks and How-To Guides (English)

WDTV osdMod - How to generate Moviesheets with ThumbGen (English)

WDTV osdMod - How to generate Moviesheets with ThumbGen (Spanish)

kikoseis - Generate Moviesheets for Xtreamer (Spanish)

badtoys - Generate Moviesheets for Mede8er (Italian)

bomoogo - Generate Moviesheets with ThumbGen (German) - Generate Moviesheets for ACRyan PlayON HD! with ThumbGen (Dutch)

hd6600 - Tutorial ThumbGen (French)

t123 - Tutorial xMovieWall + ThumbGen (French, for Xtreamer devices)

Rourke - Tutorial ThumbGen for WDTV Live Streaming Player (Dutch, for WDTV Live Streaming devices)


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